Syverson calls for Cap on the Gas Tax

Last week Senator Syverson held a press conference at the Capitol calling on members of the Illinois General Assembly and Governor Pritzker to immediately role back and cap the state’s sales tax on motor fuel.


Prices are now at a point where they’re devastating families, and they’re hurting businesses that rely on transportation.

Under the Senators’ proposal, Illinois consumers could expect to save nearly $1 billion over the next fiscal year, or up to 16 cents per gallon, assuming gas prices hit or exceed $5.00 per gallon.

Illinois has two types of taxes on gasoline: a motor fuel tax and a sales tax. The motor fuel tax is a flat tax that doesn't change if the price of gasoline changes. The funds raised from motor fuel tax are designated to repairing and upgrading state and local roads.

On top of that Illinois is one of only 7 states that charges a sales tax. The sales tax goes up as the price of fuel goes up. This tax does not go to roads but to general state coffers.

Syverson said “it is not fair or right that government rakes in this windfall of sales tax at consumer’s expense”. My proposal is very simple, just role back the sales tax to what it was before prices started to skyrocket and lock that rate in. This was money the government had never planned on and can be better used in consumers pockets”

While the measure has widespread public support we need to get the Governor to support and sign this legislation. This is where we need your help. Please take a minute and sign our petition that we will present to the Governor. And feel free to share the site with others.

Sign the petition here: Roll Back the Gas Tax - Syverson for Senate